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Painted Tipi Cover Art Exhibit

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   All painted Tipis take on a name created by the artwork. 

A group of painted Tipis combine to become a sculpture in the landscape. 

Art is something that stirs a reaction in the observer. 

I encourage all Tipi owners to paint their own Tipis even if it is only a large stripe at the bottom and a solid color at the top. 

This will give you the experience and confidence to do more. -W- 

26125 Hwy 491
Pleasant View, Colorado 

 The photo in the background  was taken at the Canyonlands Field Institute
camp in Professor Valley  near Moab, Ut. in 2005 by Wayne Bower.
The Tipis were rented to CFI  for student housing that year by
Moab Outback. Tipis in this photo were painted by Moab Outback 
employees, Page Holand, Sunnie Holandand Nathan Osgood