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 Painted Tipi Cover Art Exhibit



All painted Tipis take on a name created by the artwork.

A group of Tipis combine to become a sculpture in the landscape.  

Art is something that stirs a reaction in the observer.

The Artist's Power is reflected in the Artwork.  

The angle of the poles and the shape of a Tipi draws energy.

An Aura is formed around the frame with a focal point inside the Tipi.  W    

I encourage all Tipi owners to paint their own Tipis even if it is only a large stripe at the bottom and a solid color at the top. This will give you the experience and confidence to do more. Paint protects the canvas from the elements and lasts much longer than the original waterproofing on the canvas. Even if you just want to leave your Tipi the canvas color, you can at least paint a 3ft. wide bottom band with canvas colored paint to protect it from dampness. You can also paint the whole Tipi with canvas colored paint. Take a piece of canvas to the paint store and have them scan it for your color. Flat Latex Exterior paint must be thinned, 1 part water to 2 parts paint. You can thin it 50/50 if you want more light coming thru. Even if you are painting a design on your Tipi, painting the whole thing first makes it much easier to paint your design on that first coat of paint. When painting the whole Tipi you can use a roller on the Tipi laid out flat on a smooth surface. Don't use a roller when painting any designs. They sling paint where you don't want it. Applying paint to waterproofed canvas requires breaking the surface tension. The paint will just bead if you apply the paint too lightly. I recomend replaceable paint pads that fit into a handle. They come in different sizes. If you use brushes, you may need to shorten the bristles so they apply pressure.    -W- 

26125 Hwy 491
Pleasant View, Colorado 

  The photo in the background  was taken at the Canyonlands Field Institute
camp in Professor Valley, 20 miles up the Colorado River from Moab, Ut.
 in 2005 by Wayne Bower.
    The Tipis were rented to CFI  for student housing that year by
Moab Outback. Tipis in this photo were painted by Moab Outback 
employees, Page Holand, Sunnie Holandand Nathan Osgood