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We offer our heaviest & strongest materials with this tent.
The Cimarron Platform Tent is a great choice for Base 
Camp, and Campground rentals. They come with an all
wood frame, and we provide Deck plans for all tent
sizes to help you build your deck. Tent fabric choice's
are 13oz. & 15oz. Sunforger Marine canvas. Many options
for windows, roll up sides, Mosquito net walls are sewn
into the tent to create a screen room when the canvas
walls are rolled up. Front & back entrances zip shut.
Rain Fly fabrics are 13oz. Fly Vinyl, & 19oz. Prostructure
Vinyl. The Cimarron Tent can also be pitched as an
Outfitters style tent, without the platform, using a tarp floor.
We offer an extended Rain Fly that gives you a 8ft.front porch,
as shown in the photo.     
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