Taller Arched Door & Bird Wing smoke flap


  The Smoke flap design can be changed on tipis from a 

rectangular Sioux style smoke flap, to the Bird Wing style smoke flap. 

The narrow bottom makes the flap less of a problem in high winds.

Tipis are reinforced with Buffalo hide on all stress points and around the Door.


A Taller Arched door opening is available for large Ceremonial Tipis. 

The opening is 6ft. 4 inches tall and reaches all the way to the ground . 


-Add $75.00 for Bird Wing style smoke flaps, and $220.00 for a taller Door

to prices on the Tipi Cover Package prices page. -


 The Tipi with a Bird Wing smoke flap only

        is called the Kicking Bird Tipi.


The Tipi with a taller Arched Door 

and a Bird Wing smoke flap is called

          the Peyote Bird Tipi.