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                             5% discount 


                                                          Tent Sizes 

        14oz. Big Top Vinyl                  Solid Colors                 Stripes    

                      20ft. x 20ft.                                    $1,218.                             $1,314.

                     20ft. x 30ft.                                     $1,636.                             $1,752.

                     20ft. x 40ft.                                     $2,059.                             $2,309.

    7'x 20'  white detachable side curtains, 10.oz. vinyl laminated nylon, grommeted across the bottom.   -  $152.00 ea.


   All seams are electronically welded to provide a waterproof top that is extremely durable. Pole grommets are

   protedted by a unique harness system that carries the weight of the tent.

   Solid Colors    -  White, yellow, blue, or green

   Stripes             -  Yellow/White,   Blue/White,   or    Green/White

                  -   Tents have 7' walls and 10' centers  -

  --  Each tent comes with Aluminum  poles, 15" steel stakes, ropes, bags and rope tighteners.   --