The Tundra Stove

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     The Tundra Collapsible Stove 

The Tundra Stove is designed to be taken down for ease
of storing and packing. The unique slotted connection
system makes the Tundra stove exceptionally air tight.
                 Collapsed size - 6"x 15"x 25" 


         Tundra Deluxe Package


 Tundra Stove          -  $236.20 - 14"x14"x 25" - 39 lbs. 18 gauge steel.

 Standard Package  -  $285.55 - 4 piece 5'' tapered pipe, damper, spark arrestor - 51 lbs.

 Deluxe Package     -  $367.95  - Add a table & 2 gal. water tank - 57 lbs.   


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