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Painted Tipi Covers
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All Tipi covers were painted at my Studio in Moab, Utah between 2000 and 2009. -----W---- 

Lizard Man Tipi    

"Lizard Man" tipi --A shaman holds the tail of a lizard with his right hand, while arching his left hand upwards. He is accompanied by 8 more Shaman in that band around the Tipi along with some birds and dragonflys, and a couple more lizards on the other side. A yellow serpent stretches around the bottom under the mountains. Yellow clouds drop a cleansing rain. The canvas behind the Shaman is painted with a thinned down coat of white to protect the canvas from the sun, but still let the light thru.
     --22 ft. Tipi, 13 oz canvas.--Painted in April and May of 2005 by Wayne Bower-----



The Flaming Star tipi

 "The Flaming Star tipi" --  This painted Tipi shows the skyline of Arches National Park, with a blue sky above the La Sal Mountains.
There is a black sun on the smoke flaps, and a flaming star or asteroid traveling across the sky. The thick black line at the bottom is
the Colorado River. The green band in the middle is shaped like a snake with yellow scales floating above the ground. Its head on the left side
of the door, its body coming out of the other side of the door stretching around the TipiThe ancestors live inside the green snake.
The yellow scales on the snake are the eyes of the ancestors looking out into the world around it. They remember the past but also see
the future. Some of the souls still in the physical world comunicate with them. The asteroid and black sun represent the change that
is about to happen.           
     ---  20 ft. Tipi, 13 oz. canvas -- Painted in May and June of 2005 by Wayne Bower  ---




Flowering Tree Tipi

 Flowering Tree--The tree draws its life force from the ground, air, sun, and rain. Mother nature tells the tree to produce abundant seed when the next spring will be good for germinating. She also tells the grass to grow tall for the animals before a hard winter. --Painting a one color background on this much canvas is not an easy job. You have to keep a wet edge going the whole time until it is done. If it starts to dry, your next stroke makes your last one look darker. Painting on waterproof canvas is different than any surface I have ever dealt with. I use a pad so I can apply pressure to the canvas. A brush just doesn't work. You have to rub the paint on. Painting a design is easier on a painted background. This design took 4 layers of color with pads and sponges. Every layer has to be very dry since you are crawling around on the painting as you work.
             ----22 ft. Tipi, 13 oz canvas. Painted in July and August of 2005 by Wayne Bower -----



Red Moon Tipi
Image painted on both sides of cover

 Red Moon---This painting was inspired by an inversion that settled in the Colorado River valley for a month and a half in January and February of 2004. I was renting a trailer up on the La Sal Mountains at about 8,000 ft. elevation overlooking the valley. From that vantage point I looked out across a sea of clouds in the valley, and watched many red orange sunsets that winter. --The orange paint on the band in the middle of the Tipi was thinned down to allow light to come thru when viewed from the inside. This also worked at night when lit from the inside and viewed from the outside. The inside of the Tipi is also painted with a thinned yellow with green trees and brown roots. I painted the bottom black first as a light blocking background, then the orange, and then the blue. Each color must dry completely before the next is applied. The stars were made by sticking tape on the canvas, painting over it and then pulling it off when the blue paint had dried. The door was painted to match. The white mountains and inversion cloud, red moon, and terracotta cliffs at the bottom were all painted in the studio. An accent with a natural sponge depicting trees and bushes, was done after the Tipi was set up on its frame outside.
           ----22 ft. Tipi, 13 oz canvas. Painted in February and March of 2004 by Wayne Bower ----





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