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Tipi Poles


Painted Tipi photos at Camps and in Studio slide show


All painted Tipis take on a name created by the artwork.

Tipi painting is a form of story telling. 

The shape of the Tipi draws and focuses energy inside. 

A group of Tipis combine to become a sculpture in the landscape.  

Art is something that should stir a reaction in the observer.

The Artist's Power or Medicine is reflected in their Artwork. 

I encourage everyone to paint their own Tipi.  -  W  

26125 Hwy 491
Pleasant View, Colorado 

  The photo in the background  was taken at the Canyonlands Field Institute
camp in Professor Valley, 20 miles up the Colorado River from Moab, Ut.
 in 2005 by Wayne Bower.
    The Tipis were rented to CFI  for student housing that year from
Moab Outback. Tipis in this photo were painted by Moab Outback 
employees, Page Holand, Sunnie Holandand Nathan Osgood

Tipi supply